As the situation is getting worse day by day and many things are occurring for the impeachment inquiry, now Democrats are being feared about it. They are currently in fear that they may lose control over the moment.  

For all these things, it is being said that they choreographed cautiously during the public hearings. All these have done so that they can avoid the derailment of things against themselves. But on Thursday, it was clear that due to some unplanned events and new testimony, the documents have got some severe impact on developing. 

As per Rep. Stephen Lynch, who is the senior member of the House Oversight panel said that the Democrats are said to be the key witnesses, and they add the unexpected developments which are said to be filled with gaps for all. 

What did the public hearing bring for all?

When the public hearings are given, it was seen that it brought some weeks of closed-door testimony to the surface. It shows and guarantees the Americans that impeachment of Trump is warranted, and it is as per rule. 

But now Democrats think that all these things may end up for them when they draw out the new evidence. They, too, never expected to get anything, and they quickly go for becoming central concerning the argument. 

Apart from these all developments, it was seen that when the hearing started, it was learned that Pentagon official who is Laura Cooper would bring two emails. In that, it suggested that Ukraine had some concerns about the military aid, and it had been stalled since 25th July. 

All these things undercut the GOP claims, and for that reason, it is now being said that there is nothing that one can do against Trump and to dangle him from the post. 


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