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As the bill for the Impeachment of US President Trump passes in the house, so now all process is going to start. The trail for the Impeachment begins as the lawyers from the president side and the lawyers from House members now on floors.

The clash between both sides gets intense as the arguments turning bitter with each hour. Starting from personal comments to other political statements, the arguments are going on here.

It is also being seen that Senate has gone for voting so that they can block the attempts by Democrats. Democrats are continuously going for the Subpoena documents as well as witnesses. To this demand, the White House has denied any support during the Impeachment trial. All the votes that are cast are seen to be along the party lines.

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What do the rules state?

Senator Mitch McConnell, who is from Kentucky, states that the rules will provide a time limit to both sides. Each side will get 24 hours, which starts from Wednesday afternoon. During that time, both sides can argue the cases and about the impeachment movement.

After that, all Senators will have 16 hours to start asking questions. But they need to submit the questions in writing before next week. When all these things are over, Senate will begin to consider the case and about Subpoena’s witnesses or even documents from White House. If you take a look at these things, one can see that there are few Republicans who all show a positive response for doing it.

On Wednesday morning, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. delivers the extraordinary admonishment. It comes for Representative Jerrold Nadler, who is from NY, along with the Pat Cipollone, who is the White House counsel. All these things are taking place for the Impeachment procedure, and bitter things are getting exchange on both sides.

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