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It’s been several months since the Democrats are promoting the ongoing impeachment process in public platforms and election campaigns. But recently, one of the Presidential candidates from the Democratic Party, Andrew Yang, spoke against the move on Thursday. He warned all the Democrats about the consequences of the development in the next Presidential election in 2020. He revealed that the strategy adopted by Democrats might end up losing the election. He stressed to focus on the development model for the country and asked every contestant to have a positive vision for the bright future of the country. 

During an interview with CNN, Andrew Yang said President Donald Trump likes to get attention, even if it is negative. He also showcased that not even a single Republicans crossed the partly line to speak in support of impeachment. They all are trying to save President Trump and his administration. 

More about Andrew Yang

Yang’s popularity within the Democratic Party is growing immensely. His Democratic primary was overcrowded, and he raised an impressive amount of funds from his loyal supporter base. Most of the Democrats supporters find rationality in his campaign claims. Andrew Yang promised to give 1,000 USD to every adult across the United States. 

In his interview, he revealed that the impeachment case would serve no help for the Republicans as well. He expressed his pleasure about the emergence of new names of the other people associated with the Trump administration in the impeachment inquiry. Still, he believes that the impeachment should not be among the priority list during the election campaign. 

According to the Democrat, voters want to listen about the vision of their next President and steps required to undertake to improve the ground reality. He also stressed on the dynamic economic model to improve the country’s financial status in the 21st century. It will be interesting to see if Democrats change their strategy after warning from one of Party’s candidate. 


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