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According to the Kansas City Police, two people died, and fifteen people were injured at Kansas City. Sunday midnight, the shooting took place outside the bar. During the Kansas City shooting, the incident took place where the people were killed and injured as per the police report. The Kansas City Police said that the shooting took place shortly before Sunday midnight outside the bar. 

About the Kansas City shooting incident

The official received a report of the shooting at 11:30 p.m., and after receiving the report, the official was dispatched to the 4800 blocks of the Noland Road in the southeastern part of the city. An adult female was shot and killed in the parking lot when the officials arrived at the scene outside the crowded bar. The responding officer did not do any firing. As per the reported maximum, up to fifteen people were injured. The injured people were self transported to an area hospital. 

According to the police among the injured people, three people are in critical condition. The incident took place when people were standing in a line to get inside the bar. The reason for the shooting is unknown. The people who were at the incident did not know why the shooting started in the first place. The officials of the Kansas City said that they do not know who the suspect but they think that the suspect may be one of the dead people. 

As per the policy of Kansa, guard of the bar tired to stop the shooter, and at that time, the shooter might have died. On Monday morning, the Authorities did not have any information about the incident taking place and who the shooter is. It is accepted that the next information that will be released will be the identity of the deceased victims. 

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