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We all love the iPhone soo much, and when it drops in the Water, we became fearful about it. We found that iOS users take care of their phones more than Android users in a study. Water is enough to break your iPhone completely, but there might be one last thing to try and save it.

So here is the trick to eject Water from your iPhone:

Sadly, the old rest in rice box trick doesn’t work, despite people saying otherwise. Water can quickly get in through the charging port or the speaker grills.

Thankfully newer iPhones are waterproof up to a certain point but repeated, long dunks in Water could be very damaging.

So if you are running out of options, this technique might be helpful. This trick involves an unofficial Apple shortcut called Water Eject. It’s worth a shot with four out of five ratings based on 21.2k reviews.

First, you will need to have the Apple Shortcut app installed.

Then, from your iPhone, tap Get Shortcut on this website.

The Shortcut app will automatically open – tap the Add Shortcut button.

Next, go to My Shortcuts along the bottom.

Tap the Water Eject button, followed by Begin Water Eject.

Remember, it’s not an official app and can only do so much, but it may well spare you from severe iPhone damage.

Also, make sure any precious data and photos are backed up. Otherwise, you risk losing them entirely should the iPhone break completely.

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