Inflation is viewed as the top problem America faces today, while the coronavirus outbreak ranks at the very bottom.

Pew Research has found an illuminating new poll that Americans do not care about COVID anymore, and it’s thereby considered the least of their concerns on a list of 12 different subjects.

A survey conducted between April 25 to May 1 suggested that only 19% of respondents considered COVID as a “very big problem,” compared with the 31% who considered it a “small problem.” Another 12% defined COVID as “not a problem at all.”

The new figures circulate in front of more important matters in the United States like inflation and violent crime.70% of Americans considered inflation as a “very big problem,” whereas 23% described it as a “moderately big problem.”

Healthcare affordability, violent crime, gun violence, and the federal budget deficit after inflation are listed among the most severe issues Americans would like to get rid of. These are rated between 51 to 55% and are listed as a “very big problem.” Less than 2% of Americans see them as “not a problem at all.”

Other important issues include climate change, infrastructure conditions, illegal immigration, unemployment, and racism, which rank well above the COVID-19 pandemic.

With only 19% of respondents still caring about the problem, the coronavirus outbreak ranks at the bottom, but it needs to be paid the most attention.

Pew Research reported that “Democrats are nearly four times as likely as Republicans to rate climate change as a very big problem,” They added, “Republicans, by contrast, are far more likely than Democrats to view illegal immigration as a very big problem.”

Notably, Pew Research did not include the conflict in Ukraine as a problem on the list.

When the pandemic is listed as the least of concerns for most Americans, several U.S. states continue to enforce indoor masks as mandatory and impose other restrictions in public spaces and schools.

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