The connection between exercise intensity and the emission and concentration of aerosol particles in the air exhaled has not been well comprehended up to this point. A Munich research team has demonstrated through a unique experimental setup that aerosol emissions increase exponentially with high levels of physical activity. This signifies indoor athletic events have an improved risk of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Before this research, it was understood that untrained individuals’ respiratory volumes rise during exercise from 5 to 15 liters Every minute at rest to over 100 liters per minute. Actually, well-trained athletes can achieve up to 200 l/min levels. It was also thought that a lot of individuals had contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus while working out indoors.

Nevertheless, it was not known how the exercise intensity was related to the number of aerosols that a person actually inhaled every minute and the concentration of aerosol particles in exhaled air, and therefore the potential danger of transmitting infectious diseases such as SARS-CoV-2.

Regardless, this knowledge is urgently needed to establish mitigation measures for school gyms and other indoor sports installations, fitness studios, or discos to avoid a shutdown in case of major waves of infection.

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