YOU have already been approved for a brand new series of the exciting Netflix show after the massive triumph of the past two seasons. However, it seems Joe Goldberg could be set to exit next season after both Penn Badgley and showrunner Sera Gamble failed to rule out his death in a recent interview. Joe was on the run after Season 3 after killing his wife, fabricating his demise, and abandoning their infant son. At the beginning of Season 4, Joe is in London under a new guise as Professor Jonathan Moore, a professor of American short fiction. He is surrounded by a new cast of oddball characters he met as Oxford students and now his friends. Joe despises the Oxford gang because they are wealthy elitists who inherit fame and fortune without working a day.

Since everyone who crosses paths with Joe tends to pass away, Joe probably never expected Kate to start falling in love. But he is actively attempting to stop the relationship from developing further to keep her safe. On the other hand, Kate is not someone you can turn down lightly. Joe will eventually give in to his emotions despite turning down her attempts to progress the relationship.

Sera Gamble has produced this fantastic television show for four seasons. She won’t say whether Joe Goldberg will pass away in the end, but she has discussed it with her crew and Penn Badgley. Gamble knows she must seek justice for Joe’s victims as a TV character. She revealed that everyone is currently debating what justice is when she spoke about it in a media report. Will Joe’s death be justified in the ending or not? It will be intriguing to discover.

Image Credit – Netflix

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