As we all know that the lineups of the iPhone 12 have already attracted the market towards the purchase of the iPhone by most of the users. The users are now expecting that Apple will be launching iPhone 13 this year with the other 3 variants also known as iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The article is all about the iPhone 13 Fascinating Rumours.

Moreover, the latest rumor suggests that iPhone13 will be including a 120Hz rate and also a smaller notch including a bigger battery and a potential foldable feature. Along with all this, the rumor for the 2021 iPhone was already in the market before the release of the iPhone 12. The users expected that iPhone 12 will be launched in the year 2021 but Apple launched the iPhone next year only.

The release date of the iPhone is expected to be around mid-September. According to the sources they claim that Apple likes to hold events most probably on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So, Apple users might keep free the day of Tuesday and Wednesday in September 2021 in order to fully enjoy the launch of the new Apple series. But if we study the launch of the last iPhone then the last was launched on the day of Friday so there are 10% chances of launching the new iPhone on Friday. Moreover, along with this users should also notice that every time the launch is after a week of the announcement.

The basis on the launch event of Apple it is estimated that the official event was conducted every labor day and after a few days there is the release date of the device. So according to the 2021 calendar the event is estimated to be on Sept 8 and the launch of the device to be on Sept 18.

Along with all this, the sources also suggest that Apple might skip the release of iPhone 13 for the next year and might release a mobile with the name under iPhone 12s that will be the next generation of the iPhone. As earlier the 2014 iPhone 6 gave a new model to the Apple in the next year which was the iPhone 6s and the same thing occurred in the year 2017 that iPhone x gave the preceding to the iPhones in the next year.

As the iPhone 12 launched with the color variants and with the 3 more variants of the device. So, it is expected that the iPhone 13 will be launched in the same variants as the iPhone13 and the users will have the same feature as that of the iPhone 12. The only difference will be that the device will be a 5G variant.

Below four are the rumored sizes for the iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Mini-: 5.4-inch
iPhone 13-: 6.1-inch
iPhone 13 Pro-: 6.1-inch
iPhone 13 Pro Max-: 6.7-inch

The changes will be there but only in some of the features that will include the camera, Touch ID button. Always-on display feature, 120hz refresh rate, and many more that will be updated soon on our website.

That’s all was the article about the iPhone 13 Fascinating Rumours.

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