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As everyone knows the iPhone always comes in several color options. For example, if we take the case for the latest iPhone 12 series then the iPhone 12 is offered in six different shades whereas the other two top models that include iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max come in four different shades. So, across the whole series, the user gets in total ten color options to choose among. It is rumored that the same color code for the iPhone 13 series will be set. But till now there is no information from the side of Apple on the part of this. So, below a user can find color themes with the models that we can expect.

Also, in this article, the user will get to know about some of the colors that have not been rumored so far. The new colors are being added because whenever there is a launch of the new iPhone a new color always comes on the market. So, the same is expected this time. So, without any wastage of time let’s move on to the colors of the iPhone

Matte Black

The color matte black is one of the most rumored colors so far. Also, it is suggested from sources that the color is in the development mode already. Also, the report suggests an Apple patent for the same. The source suggests that the color will be available in the upper two models that include Pro and Pro Max. It is also rumored that they are working for a graphite model so that a user can get both iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in. Which in simple words means that Graphite will not be the color option for iPhone 13. So, it is suggested that the matte black will be more of dark grey and will be having a metallic look.

Rose Pink

The next color that is being rumored to come along is Rose pink. One of the tweets on Twitter suggests that iPhone 13 Pro Max will be available in this color. But the news for the same is not confirmed till now. Because till now it is never witnessed or being rumored that Apple is working on the pink color model development for the Pro Models. However, if the thing like this is there then any rumors or leaks related to this will come soon.


Some of the sources also claim about the orange color. But the case of this implies the same as the case for rose pink color. Because till now not any rumor nor any leak related to the same has been there in the market.

Black, white and Others

So, the above colors mentioned were the rumors. But it is expected that all the models will get a release in the regular colors that includes Black and White. Also, from many iPhones the company is focusing on launching the Silver and Gold shade So, it is expected that iPhone 13 will be having options for both Gold and Silver. It is also rumored that might some shades of green, blue, purple, and red may be offered for the non-pro models of iPhone 13.

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