Many people are waiting to watch the premiers of Red Rose on Netflix, which is about to release on Feb. 15. This post will provide you with a better age rating and parent’s guide so that you don’t feel comfortable watching in front of your kids.

According to Netflix, this horror show is about a close teen friend group who are in a dilemma after downloading a threatening application on their mobile phones. This dangerous app forces them to commit acts; otherwise, they have to face deadly consequences. 

The Red Rose age rating and parents’ guide 

The new series Red Rose is designed to be watched by only mature audiences as it is a rated TV-MA. This series’s age rating was given because of the use of strong language, suicide, and substances. Younger audiences should refrain from watching such content. It is not the appropriate content for kids under 17. Thus, it is recommended that parents who are watching this series make sure that their children are not around them while watching the show. You can wait for your children’s sleeping time so you will not feel interrupted between the series. 

The entire series consists of 8 episodes, and 1 episode is about nearly 45 minutes. Thus, it is possible for you to complete the entire season of Red Rose in one sitting. Otherwise, you can split the season into two to four binge sessions with two to four episodes in one day. Well, the decision is always yours on how you want to complete the series. 

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