Run Sweetheart Run looks to be equal parts thrilling and haunting, making it an ideal selection for movie night, but is it on Netflix?

Ella Balinska leads the way in the Shana Feste-directed feature, Ella Balinska is playing a single mom, and her name is Cherie, who works a lot and whose first foray into the dating game does not go as expected. What starts as a promising night quickly turns deadly as her date, Ethan, becomes a sinister predator, and he is hunting Cherie like an animal.

Playing the maniacal monster of the story is actor Pilou Asbæk. Also in the cast is a stellar lineup of actors, including Shohreh Aghdashloo, Dayo Okeniyi, Clark Gregg and Betsy Brandt.

Jason Blum from Blumhouse Productions produces the film. Run Seethwert Run premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and it has a runtime of 97 minutes.

Is Run Sweetheart Run available on Netflix?

Before you run and open your Netflix account, consider that, Unfortunately, Run Sweetheart Run is not one of the many exceptional titles on Netflix.

Luckily for subscribers, there are many horrifying choices to stream right now. Some eerie examples include Blood Red Sky, Harrigan’s Phone, Bird Box, and Army of the Dead.

Where can you stream Run Sweetheart Run online?

You can stream Run Sweetheart Run only on Amazon Prime Video.

For further updates on Run Sweetheart Run, please stay tuned with us.

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