The anthology is a new kind of series that explores the effects of environmental change!

An anthology project that looks at the effects of climate change has brought together some of the best actors in Hollywood to star. Extrapolations (2023), a limited series about a group of people’s journeys through love, faith, friendship, and more as they steer the uncertainty of their fate, stars Meryl Streep, Sienna Miller, Tobey McGuire, and Edward Norton. The characters in this production will have to find solutions to an ongoing problem on Earth because of the harmful effects of climate change.

Burns wrote, directed, and produced Extrapolations that revolves around Meryl Streep. Additionally, you can anticipate success with any undertaking she takes on. The actress has not worked much on television in recent years because most of her projects are focused on movies. Be that as it may, one of those exemptions is the new series Extrapolation.

Is Extrapolations on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer Extrapolations. The drama is exclusive to Apple TV+ because it is an Apple Original. After a seven-day free trial, the subscription costs $6.99 per month. However, if you want to see how the plot develops, more than that time will be needed to watch the entire season.

The restricted collection series has eight episodes, three of which debuted on Walk 17, 2023. Up until the finale on April 21, 2023, one new instalment will be released each week. According to Apple TV+, to view all of the “interconnected stories,” you must tune in weekly.

The drama goes in-depth into the effects climate change has had on the environment and people’s everyday lives in the future. Each episode occurs during a different year in the future, starting with 2037. Those daily aspects affected include love, work, faith, and family.

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