‘You’ have always been bold in asking your audience to believe what you are saying. The audience must be prepared to obtain that Joe Goldberg has been killing his way across America since he was a young child without much to no one raising an eyebrow. This suspension of disbelief has made some of the show’s best moments possible. With cheap tricks and fakeout twists that feel like a slight to those who have followed ahead for the ride, You season 4 part 2 smashes through disbelief and lands somewhere completely outlandish. Joe never shifts his murderous attention from the so-called “Eat the Rich Killer” to Kate in favour of Marienne or Marienne. Toward the end of You season 4, he does display possessiveness, but even then, Kate appears understanding. Kate’s readiness to embrace Joe’s demons adds another dimension to her unanticipated outcome.

After You season 4, even though she is partially unaware of Joe’s past crimes, Kate essentially joins Joe as an accomplice. Her wealth and privilege deserve to be mentioned because they give her more security than characters like Beck and Marianne could. Kate’s fate could change quickly in You season 5 as Joe embraces his darker side. In any case, Love Quinn also accepted Joe despite his numerous crimes. She also boasted wealth and privilege, and none of those things spared her in the end.

Will Kate face the real Joe Goldberg in You, season 5?

Kate’s fate in You seasons 4 part 2 is more fortunate than his former love interests. However, she’ll likely find herself in their shoes come You, season 5. Those who have kept up with this series know that Joe’s affection doesn’t typically last long. The one thing that might save Kate in You season 5 is her influence, which Joe can use to his advantage. Joe’s Rhys persona is ambitious, and Kate can help expand his reach.

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