When the popular series “Outer Banks” debuted in April 2020, fans longed for every possible fact they could uncover about it. Its time to look at the series’ filming sites with the third season’s release on February 2023.

The Pogues are trapped on an island they refer to as Poguelandia after Outer Banks Season 2. Netflix series fans are aware that, while being filmed in Charleston, South Carolina, the programme takes place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And what about Poguelandia, a tropical location –  where was this place filmed? Find out where the latest episodes of the Netflix series Outer Banks were shot, including the background used for Poguelandia along with other island locations.

Where were the locations season 3 of ‘Outer Banks’ was filmed?

Season 3 reportedly took place in a number of places, including Charleston, South Carolina, Barbados, Venezuela, Basseterre in St. Kitts and the islands of Guadeloupe.

Many outdoor street scenes in Bridgetown, the island country’s capital, and the season’s reported deserted island were set on Barbados. The church that has an important part in this season is a place you can go, as said by House Beautiful. The website claims that St. John Parish Church serves as the location for the third season’s church.

Apart from the church, other filming locations you can visit include Bathsheba Beach on the eastern coast, which served as the location for the Pogue’s ideal shelter, And the Cove Spring House, a rentable mansion on the seaside that serves as Cameron’s vacation home in South Carolina.

Season three of Outer Banks is currently available for watching exclusively on Netflix.

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