AMC’s top-rated apocalyptic serial drama, The Walking Dead, is on its way to concluding its eleventh and final season. Since October 31, 2010, the show has been running and released ten seasons with 164 episodes. The show is currently airing its last season and has recently released its 16th episode on April 10, 2022. The season will conclude with twenty-four episodes.

AMC has already indirectly confirmed that Maggie would not be killing the character with the news of another spinoff. Trekking to New York for their series doesn’t necessarily imply they’ll become friends, but it indicates that they’ll reach a peaceful solution.

It will be the sixth television series in The Walking Dead universe, and it is titled Isle of the Dead. According to the reports, the spinoff will produce a six-episode saga.

Before going further into the series, here are a few things you must know about this new and exciting adventure.

  1. Isle Of The Dead Is Set To Premiere In 2023.
    There have been no updates about the exact date, but we expect it to fall sometime in 2023 on both AMC and AMC+.

  2. Both Lauren Cohan And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Will Be Back As Maggie And Negan.
    The only thing that keeps fans on their toes is the unexpected death of our beloved characters. But since the fate of the two leading characters is already spilled and spoiled, we won’t have to worry about them getting killed during the finale.

  3. Isle Of The Dead Will Also Star Gaius Charles.
    Gaius Charles, also well-known in the Friday Night Lights cast as the Dillon Panthers, will be seen Within Isle of the Dead as Izaak, characterized by Deadline as being full of assurance and brutality to equal extents.

  4. Isle Of The Dead Will Take Place In A Post-Apocalyptic Manhattan.

In the upcoming series, fans will experience a journey to the legendary city that has been cut off from the mainland and is completely overrun by walkers.

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