The Italian astronaut posed on the International Space Station in just about the same way as Sandra Bullock, who visited the orbiting complex fictionally in the 2013 movie “Gravity.” Cristoforetti wore an identical outfit to Bullock, who played the fictional NASA astronaut Ryan Stone in a rousing adventure provoked by a cloud of space debris that blew Stone’s space shuttle on-screen.

“Hey, Dr. Stone! Quick question for you. How did you get your hair to stay put? #AskingForAFriend,” Cristoforetti asked in her tweet with the image, posted June 19 after a screening of the science fiction adventure on the ISS.

Her cosplay was so complicated that it took almost seven years to achieve, as fellow astronaut Scott Kelly, formerly of NASA, shared on Twitter. Kelly attempted to take a picture of Cristoforetti doing the same pose during his one-year mission in 2014-15 but missed the chance due to timing luck.

He called the “failure” one of the greatest regrets of his last mission in space, reporting that he waited too long to grab the camera after Cristoforetti drifted by in workout clothes, probably on the way to do something else.

The long gap between spaceflight opportunities is not extraordinary. ISS astronauts need about two to 2.5 years of mission training before commencing on a long-duration mission, which generally lasts about six months. It also takes approximately one day on Earth to recover for each day in space.

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