NASA’s $10 billion worth James Webb Space Telescope was introduced on 25th December 2021 as an alternative to the Hubble Space Telescope. Approximately seven months after its launch, it has finally produced pictures that are a portrayal that contains the deepest-field views of the universe ever captured, according to NASA.

Image credit: NASA/STScI

The images anticipated to be released publicly on 12th July 2022 are astonishing and supposedly gorgeous enough to almost bring NASA astrophysicist Thomas Zurbuchen to tears. The hard work has finally paid off, with the JWST about to show the world a different perspective of space and a comprehensive look at the universe as never before.

Image credit: NASA

Through the most incredible camera array in the solar system, the world has had a sneak peek at the first-ever images clicked by the James Webb Space Telescope in April in the form of tester images, which it was differentiated in quality from the Spitzer Space Telescope that first launched in 2003, currently retired.

Image credit: NASA Goddard

Technology has progressed a lot since then, and the enhanced details and sharpness of these engineering test images were possible because of JWST’s large segmented honeycomb mirrors, measuring 21.5 ft in length.

Image credit: NASA Goddard


However, the recent images (around 10-20 predicted) are said to be so gorgeous that Associate Administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Thomas Zurbuchen, was very nearly in tears when he first saw them.

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