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In the past decade, social media platforms have evolved a lot. Many young users are showing their talents in the form of small videos, and these videos have become one of the favorite pastimes of all of us.

One of the major platforms that helps promote these raw talents is Tik Tok. From adorable toddlers to cute grandmas, people from every generation can find people. Perhaps this popularity is part of the reason why Hollywood celebrities are generally found sharing their videos on their pages.

Having your favorite celebrities on tik tok is a bonus for fans. They get to enjoy their content and get to give feedback. You can find many famous personalities with their accounts.

Alas, there are few who we do not get to see at all. Some are still maintaining distance from this addictive site.

But fear not, my fellow gossipers, you might not get to see your favorite celeb, but your favorite celeb might be seeing your content.

Yes! That’s right. According to the award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence who had been on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, secretly watches the content creators.

After being asked about her most used app, the X-Men famed actress did not hesitate to reveal her guilty pleasure.

The soon-to-be mother fumbled a little while telling the world about her obsession with Tik Tok. She laughed bashfully and replied,
“Oh, God, I hate the answer, but TikTok, yeah.”

Encouraged by the hoots from the audience, Lawrence laughed out loud while pointing out and said, “Oh, we’ve got some TikTokers in here.”.

Intrigued by her answer, she was further asked if she made any content. Giving a big no! the actress confessed to only watching the content while remaining a secret admirer.
“No, I don’t make TikToks! Oh my god, can you imagine? No. No.” Lawrence answered.

Colbert motivated the actress further by telling her about her popularity and how her fans would watch her videos. The actress merely laughed but gave no further indication about making her page.

Hence, it might not be wrong to say that if you are making videos, your favorite Hollywood celebs are probably watching them.

So, keep your creativity up and hope for your favorite personalities to make an account.

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