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Who will become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom? Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson? Well, time will give the answers. But for now, a huge clash is going on between these two persons for the UK Election. In the final debate season, the two traded barbs.

Both of them worked on the attacking lines, tested in the long run of the election campaign. On one side, Boris Johnson is focusing more on Brexit matters. But Jeremy Corbyn is pointing on the enhancement of the National Health Service. Besides, he also talked about the Conservative government of the UK’s integrity. 

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What is going on? 

During an event, Boris said that he doesn’t know about the comments of Alexandra Hall Hall. He is a well-known diplomat. He recently offered his resignation letter to the government. While the second UK election is coming nearer, the debate was the last chance for Jeremy to influence Boris’s leads. Right now, Boris Johnson holds more leads and may give a fierce competition to Corbyn. 

The duo debated about how to go away from the EU. Johnson termed Corbyn’s statement as ridiculous. He said he would remain neutral. 

Some Broken Promises

On Friday, Corbyn bombarded on Johnson by terming his promises fake. He said the Brexit deal would begin a year of broken promises and some painful negotiation. Besides, Corbyn also talked about a leaked official document. The document clearly shows that the deal will lead to monopoly security checks. On the other side, a few days ago, Johnson said that it would not develop any barrier between the mainland. 

What About the Other Parties? 

Tom Brake from Liberal Democrat Brexit said that it is the worst debate. The due is not speaking about anything new. Besides, they are not even honest about the issues Brexit can cause to the communities. Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of SNP, said they couldn’t determine the future of Scotland. 

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