According to the reports of Page Six and People it is been claimed that John Mulaney and his wife Anna Marie Tendler are divorcing after six years of their marriage. The Split came after the news came out that the comedian needs to go to the rehab center for 60 days and earlier the comedian was addicted to alcohol also.

After the news spread about the Split, then also John Mulaney performed on the stage as he was in the rehab center, and the audience like that performance also. Along with this, in general, it has seen many a time that most of the comedians take the help of the stage in order to fight from their day to day life problems.

However, Laughter is also mentioned as one of the best medicines.

According to Greg Bryant, who is an associate communications professor at UCLA said that “Laughter triggers the release of brain endorphins that make us feel good, and it reduces stress,”

Along with this one of the sources that joined the show on the Monday hosted by John Mulaney said that the show was a mix of humor and honesty.

In relation to this David Fear also tweeted that “So John Mulaney at City Winery was…intense. 90 mins that were mostly processing his intervention and rehab experience. Remarkably raw, vulnerable, personal, When I’m alone, I realize I’m with the person who tried to kill me.’ Hilarious, harrowing, brave, historic.”

Along with this, earlier also the big name of comedians have come out who took the help of stage in order to overcome their day-to-day live problems.

One of the comedians Rainn Wilson in a magazine “Laughing Matters,” said a message that “Oftentimes, people that are funny experience some great trauma as a child or feel tremendously alienated or suffer some kind of depression, “and this kind of like almost forces them to find comfort in humor.”

Sarah Silverman also explained in the same magazine that “Humor is how we all survive; it’s not just comedians. But I think a lot of people find humor in the darkest places.”

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