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Kendall, 26, is named the new face of a new campaign of a jewelry brand Messika founded by Valérie Messika.

The supermodel is seen radiant in the photos released for the campaign by the brand. She dressed in a neutral variety for the photoshoot. She was dressed in a black wetsuit and wearing the timeless jewels from the brand including the label’s Lucky Move Color Baby Nacre Ring. In another shot, Kendall was styled in jogging a shiny blue bomber jacket with label’s Move Noa Pavé Bangles. The Ad was meant to merge the elegant figure of the model and the infinite beauty of the natural landscape behind her.

The choice of outfit was intentional as the label press released a statement “Between athleisure and performance, her outfits have the energy of a woman will in her life, in her time and of the moment, whose body and mind are in perfect harmony. In control of her own destiny, she represents today’s alpha woman.”

The images for the campaign intend to convey the ease of Messika Jewellery, as their accessories ensure ‘fluidity’ and ‘freedom.’

The founder of the brand has spoken on her decision to name Jenner their new face, Messika said, “Women inspire me through their individuality. I see Kendall as an incarnation of the alpha woman: mysterious, free, and in control of her own destiny. She is also a strong and influential woman. She is a reflection of the new generation.”

The Fashion mogul took to opportunity and praised them. Jenner said, “I am very happy to have been chosen by Messika for its new campaign. Its jewelry has always reminded me of Paris, one of my favorite cities. During the shoot, I was able to see so many beautiful pieces, which gave me a deeper appreciation for the Craftsmanship of the house that goes into even the smallest earring.”

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