Khloé Kardashian promises there are “good sides” to her ex Tristan Thompson.

Khloé Kardashian opened up about where she stands with the Chicago Bulls player on Dear Media’s “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast on Tuesday and said that they are cordial for their daughter, True.

“It’s sad because, like, there’s so many good sides to him as well, but no one gets to see those ’cause they’re all overshadowed by, like, the personal stuff that’s going on between him and I,” she explained.

Khloé Kardashian even went so far as to say that ” many other people in the world have been through probably similar situations” like her.

“I doubt I’m the only human being. I hope not. Well, I don’t want anyone to go through that,” she said, alluding to the athlete’s multiple infidelities.

“I want everyone to still have like a fair shot at just being happy and having a good life,” the “Kardashians” star shared. “So I don’t ever encourage anyone to just, like, jump on that bandwagon, but I also think people can have their own feelings and do what they want, but he’s always going to be in my life because of True, and he’s a great dad, and that’s all I really need to focus on.”

“I found out every time through a sister. I find out with the rest of the world, which is the most offensive part,” she said of Thompson previously cheating on her while pregnant with True, now 4, and later with Kylie Jenner’s then-BFF Jordyn Woods.

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