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Kid cosmic season 3 serves as the finding to the Netflix original animated series created by Craig McCracken. Grabbing up after the end of the second season, Kid (Jack Fisher) and the rest of the Local Heroes are now the Global Heroes gratitude to the Planet Protection Group. With new costumes, a snazzy new base, and a new set of enemies, Kid is finally living his dream of being a successful superhero. However, Jo (Amanda C. Miller) discovers a startling secret about the P.P.G. and it happens to be connected to Papa G (Keith Ferguson).

Since the launch of Season 2, McCracken said that each season would focus on a unique character and theme. Season 1 focused on Kid’s journey to becoming a hero, and Season 2 concentrated on Jo becoming the leader the Local Heroes needed.

Kid Cosmic Season 3 puts the focus on Papa G and asks what a hero is willing to sacrifice. It’s frequently said that the importance of a hero is someone willing to lay down their life for others, and in Papa G’s case, he is willing to make sacrifices to make Kid his only living comparatively happy. The other Local Heroes end up making a sacrifice of their own to save the world, and while that sacrifice is hard it ends up being worth it.

The series also begins again to adopt its serialized nature, telling a story through the six episodes. It believes the perfect length is neither too long nor too short.

There is also sufficient time for McCracken and his team of writers including Rob Renzetti and Francisco Angones to wrap up the lasting narrative and provide a satisfactory ending for every character. Endings are difficult, but endings that feel both satisfying and real to the characters implicated are hard. For every Avatar The Last Airbender, there’s a Voltron: Legendary Defender. Thankfully, Kid Cosmic‘s ending falls into the former camp.

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