Kim found out Kourtney had got married in LA via a message on the family group chat.

On Wednesday night, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, sisters Kendall and Khloe Jenner, and their mom Kris Jenner stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote their new Hulu reality series and talk soon turned to Kourtney’s drunken wedding to Travis.

Travis and Kourtney shocked their fans when they confirmed they had a ‘practice’ wedding at a chapel in LA.

Jimmy Kimmel asked if the family knew of eldest sister Kourtney’s nuptials, with Kris admitting: ‘I knew, and Khloé knew.’

‘I was on FaceTime,’ Khloé said before Kim admitted, ‘I was sleeping.’

Kim Kardashian explained that their family has a group that keeps up with one another, and she found out the exciting news in the morning.

‘She put it in the group chat,’ Kim continued. ‘Like, “Oh, hey guys, by the way…I got married last night!” And I woke up to like, a million texts.’

In an ABC News special, Kourtney opened up about taking her relationship with Travis Barker from ‘friend’ to ‘fiance.’

Kourtney confessed to host Robin Roberts that she knew that there’d be no going back for herself and Travis, 46, once they took things in a romantic direction.

‘I felt deep down if we looked into each other’s eyes, you know, made it physical, that it would just be over,’ she said.

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