Critics are now coming after Kim for having an “uncomfortable” office.

TikTok user @Kardashianicon recently re-posted a clip of Kim Kardashian giving her followers a tour of the highly stylized space.

Image Credit: kardashianicon/TikTok

Viedo Footage shows a guest chair with an angular back and leather-covered cushion, along with an office chair that is made from wood.

“I think i just found the most uncomfortable looking chairs ever ?,” text over the clip read, which several users agreed within the comments section.

Image Credit: kardashianicon/TikTok

“I would rather sit on the ground✋??,” one follower wrote, with another adding, “Those are don’t stay too long chairs.”

A third person chimed in, writing, “Me thinking about how even more messed up my back would be if I had to sit on that wooden chair for 8 hours.”

Kim did have some supporters, however, who defended the furnishings as aesthetic choices made for decor purposes, not for comfort.

“i love watching people hate on kims furniture thats literally kinda scandinavian looking?,” one fan argued, with another noting, “She knows that’s for decorative purposes only. She probably doesn’t even use that office at all.”

“I suspect that all Kardashians have their ‘museum house’ and other secret house where they can normally sit and where sinks do exist,” another supporter wrote.

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