Kim Kardashian is being publicly skewered for taking zero bites of food and appearing to “fake” chew in her new Beyond Meat ad.

“I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset – my taste,” the reality star, 41, said in the vegan company’s 30-second video that debuted Tuesday on Instagram.

As Kim recited her lines straight to the camera while in a kitchen for the commercial, a chef placed a variety of dishes in front of her.

“She didn’t even take a bite of the burger,” one observer commented, while another noted, “The hamburger wasn’t bitten.”

Kim then used a fork to stab a plant-based meatball, which she held up to her face, before squeezing lime over a plate of tacos.

“This plant-based meat is not only amazingly delicious, but it’s also better for you and better for the planet,” she said as she continued the same chewing-like motion.

“It’s a simple change that makes a big difference,” Kardashian said of switching to a plant-based diet. “And now that I’m Beyond Meat’s Chief Taste Consultant, there’s never been a better time to go beyond.”

“You didn’t show her actually consuming the product… ??‍♀️ Did she actually eat it?” wrote one critic, who was among several arguing that the ad made them not want to purchase the product.

“I ain’t buying it cause you ain’t really eating it ?.”

The wisecracks were endless, as many dropped comments like, “Fake eating… I see you ?,” “You didn’t even eat the food ????,” and “This is beyoooond meat, so good you don’t even have to eat it ?.”

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