Environmental groups are prosecuting the Dutch airline KLM, alleging that advertisements promoting the company’s sustainability initiative are deceiving.

The groups declare that it’s the first lawsuit to challenge the so-called airline industry “greenwashing”.

They complain that KLM advertisements and their carbon-offsetting technique create the false idea that its flights won’t make climate change worse.

However, KLM says that the company’s statements are “based on solid arguments”, and that it thinks its adverts “comply with the applicable legislation and regulations”.

Netherlands-based committee Fossielvrij NL, which is supported by ClientEarth and Reclame.NL, is aiming at the company’s Fly Responsibly campaign, which was undertaken in 2019.

The campaign announced that the airline is “creating a more sustainable future” and is on its way to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050.

It features a carbon offset product named CO2Zero which, according to KLM, funds reforestation projects or the company’s purchase of biofuels. Carbon offsets balance out the greenhouse gas emissions from polluting actions.

However, the groups complain that the claims are highly misleading. They say that the airline’s strategy to return to pre-pandemic levels of flights is at odds with the recent report by the UN climate body – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It calls for an immediate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The environmental organizations named the advertising campaign as “greenwashing.” In other words, a deceitful attempt to make the company appear environmentally friendly.

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