Komi Can’t Communicate is a Japanese manga series written by Tomohito Oda. It was printed in Shogakukan’s manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday in May 2016. Its chapters were collected in twenty-five tankobon volumes from April 2022. The series is licensed through Viz Media.

The sixth episode of the second season of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate ‘was titled ‘It’s just like every new year,’ in this show, Najimi visits Tadano to discuss plans for the new year.

Katai invites him the next day to the ice rink to finally spend some time with him. Unfortunately, going out too much wasn’t suitable for Tadano, who suffers from a fever and has to call his friend for help.

When his sister and mother are leaving, Tadano can figure out the common symptoms that accompany fever and colds, but he takes it casually; however, to his misfortune, his condition worsens in the following hours, as he can’t even get out of his bed. He realized that he desperately needed help. Tadano calls Najimi and asks them to bring something to eat . However, he accidentally calls and realizes it after explaining his present condition.

Although he tells Komi that there is no need for him to come, she ignores all his excuses. After she reaches his house, she makes him a cup of ginger tea and cooks some food for him. Tadano, however, gets some relief and falls asleep afterward. Once Komi finished the kitchen work, she affectionately watched him sleeping. She then tries to hold his hand for a moment, but Najimi arrives at the wrong time and scares her.

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