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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is an American dark comedy thriller streaming television miniseries directed by Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson, and Larry Dorf. The show was released on Netflix on January 28, 2022. So far, the series has received mixed reviews, and the lead actress Kristen Bell’s performance is being praised by her fans.

Recently, the actress shared her views regarding the performances in the show. She revealed that the intentional ‘bad acting’ of actors is what makes this new psychological thriller-parody series worth seeing. The actress is fascinated by macabre so it wasn’t a surprise that she was drawn towards this darkly comedic thriller satire. She expressed her reasons why the audience should devour the show. She said, “I think that people will devour this show because it’s sort of made to be binged, every single scene, practically, is a cliffhanger, and it builds suspense as a normal mystery show could, but in increasing absurdity, which hopefully will make you laugh.”

The show was amongst the list of highly anticipated shows of 2022 and the artists revealed that this became possible because of the concept of them purposely acting badly in the shots. The actors had to deliver ridiculous lines with conviction which hadn’t been possible unless they adapted this thinking while playing these characters.

Bell’s words read, “We tried to create a very real world that you would see in one of these psychological thrillers and create real suspense, because if we were just making a joke and nobody cared about who the killer was, or the who done it, how it ended, then no one would watch it, I just looked to director Michael Lehmann to figure out if what I was doing would be funny and across the board, the note I kept getting was just sincere,…and then I kind of realized that I was doing some really good bad acting, and it worked.”

She also talked about the psychology that drives the viewers to continue watching any thriller parody. She explained that we only watch things that our minds can’t explain. And the minute we grasp the concept, we start losing interest. She even teased the fans by praising the ending of their show.

She said, “I could never have anticipated the ending and yet looking back, it’s the only way the show could have ended,” on which Tom Riley who played Anna’s widowed neighbor added, “I never saw it coming but when you know what happens, you look back and you think, well, of course, that’s it, it was all there from the beginning,”

The story revolves around a heartbroken woman named Anna who is devastated by the death of her daughter three years ago, and her subsequent divorce from her husband Douglas, played by Michael Ealy. She ends up meeting their new neighbor and the story goes on focusing on Anna who is unsure of whether or not she has witnessed a murder in the house across the street.

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