In a recent interview, Kristin Cavallari talked about her divorce on the “School of Greatness” podcast, confessing those parting ways with now-ex-husband Jay Cutler was “the best thing I’ve ever done.”

The remark followed Kristin Cavallari explaining to the host how her three kids “have inspired me to be the best version of myself … I can only be as good to my kids as I am to myself. If I’m empty, I have nothing to give them.”

With that, Kristin Cavallari elaborated, “Being in a relationship where I was really unhappy, that wasn’t going to work for me. And I knew in my gut for a long time that I had to do it.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, is get a divorce,” Kristin Cavallari said, in addition to it being the “best” decision for herself.

Earlier in the conversation, Kristin Cavallari reflected on the split and the broader impact it has had on her life as a whole.

“What I’ve also realized going through a divorce … [is that] even in our most challenging times — when we think the world is falling apart, we’re always going to be this sad, everything is going to always be horrible — we get through it … and then we look back and we realize why everything happened,” she said.

“As we get older life starts to make sense,” she added. “Life is really exciting to me now. And I’m just I’m ready for everything that’s coming my way.”

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