Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2021 will start with Pragya’s conversation with Sushma. Pragya is talking to Sushma as she is concerned for her. Sushma is very much concerned for Pragya’s image and respect. But she tells her that she is literally having nothing to lose now. Sushma is worried for Pragya and asks her what will happen if you’ll lose courage too? if he will somehow defeat your courage?

Pragya explains to Sushma that if we threaten him or provoke him, nothing will happen to him. Rather he will be on the winning side. She says she cannot defeat him hurting his ego. There’s only one way to defeat him and that’s by love only. But Pragya doesn’t love him anymore. And, she needs to show this thing to him as well that there’s nothing left in her heart for him. Pragya goes inside her room.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Updates

Now on the other screen of Kumkum Bhagya, we see Abhi is drunk fully. Dadi asks him what happened. Tanu tells he must be fell somewhere in a dustbin, LOL!  Abhi is injured. Dadi asks Aliya to get the first aid box. She replies, there’s nothing.

Then Mitali says to apply Haldi Lep. Tany applies haldi on his wounds. Abhi is thinking of his moments spent with Pragya. Tanu sees an earring in Abhi’s pocket and asks him whose this earring? She doubts if it’s Pragya or he is having an affair.

Tanu is asking Abhi again and again about the earring but he is not telling her. Dadi understood that the earring belongs to Pragya only. Mitali says, no matter what but an extramarital affair is not considered right. Be it with Pragya or anybody else. Tanu in her anger commented to Aaliya’s marriage too when she asks her to behave properly with Bhai. Aaliya tells all that Sushma is here maybe to get Abhi arrested.

Abhi is thinking what’s this now. Then Sushma asks him to recall the car accident he did. Sushma tells him that he did the accident and she remembers everything. Abhi calls his manager and discusses what nonsense is all this. Abhi was in Pragya’s car. He did not do this accident.

Hearing this, Tanu asks him what he was doing with Pragya in her car. They started arguing with each other. Sushma says them stop this drama. She is not there to see their family drama. Either Abhi will be arrested or they have to pay an amount of 1 lakh for all this damage. They all get shocked.

The episode ends here. Stay tuned with us to know more updates on the show Kumkum Bhagya.

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