The Great Lakes have been subsiding from record high water levels throughout the past few years. The quantity of water that has left the Great Lakes is startling.

Every Great Lake peaked in an unusual year, and each of the Great Lakes’ water levels has plunged from there.

Lake Superior peaked 14 inches bigger than the existing water level. The record on Lake Superior was in 2019. In three years, Lake Superior has forfeited 7.7 trillion gallons of water.

Lake Michigan and Lake Huron act as one lake because of the huge area of free-flowing water at the Straits of Mackinac. Lakes Michigan and Huron are 8 inches deeper than this time previous year and a full 25 inches from the record high water level in 2020. So within just two years, Lake Michigan and Huron held 20 trillion fewer gallons of water. The globe utilizes approximately 10 trillion gallons of water every year. Now you know why the Great Lakes are named the world’s biggest freshwater system. The Great Lakes could generate enough water yearly for the entire world.

Lake Ontario has been the Great Lake with ample ups and downs in modern years. Lake Ontario went through its record-breaking watermark in 2017. Heretofore, its level is decreased by 24 inches. Lake Ontario now has 3.12 trillion gallons less water than back in the year 2017.

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