It’s time to enjoy the hot sun and some equally seductive telenovelas as summer approaches. Featuring all of your favourite clichés, including murder, retaliation, enemies turning into lovers, love triangles, gratuitous scenes involving men in the shower, lustful looks, and passionate embraces, all set against a tense tropical landscape. The Latin American drug trade, an unfortunate aspect of the landscape of the nations they originate from, is a common theme in many telenovelas, which inflames conflict. However, there are also lighter shows that enjoy melodrama and frivolity. When they opened Netflix recently, fans of the popular Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes discovered that the entire second season had been added. Published twenty years after the booming season 1, the next season has already evolved into a hit on Netflix.

The second season picks up on the Reyes brothers and Elizondo sisters now that they are all together and, in a sense, one big happy family, 20 years after the first season’s events. When a professor is killed, and one of their sons is charged with the crime, their happiness is jeopardised. To learn what happens, you’ll need to watch season 2. However, if you’re here, you’ve probably already read it and are curious to determine if the narrative will go on. There hasn’t been any information about Pasión de Gavilanes season 3 as of March 2023. Although the show’s first season is considered one of the finest telenovelas of all time and is incredibly popular, the response to season 2 was somewhat muted and more diverse, so it’s indistinct if Telemundo will move with Pasión de Gavilanes season 3.

In the past, Netflix has produced its telenovelas so that the show may be picked up or renewed by the company, but we are still determining what the show’s future holds. The good news is that Pasión de Gavilanes, which includes both the acclaimed first and the sequel seasons, has more than 200 episodes to watch. Therefore, brush up on your Spanish and immerse yourself in these captivating tales featuring heroes and heroines you will adore.

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