Being one of the most anticipated launches of 2023, To Leslie is a drama that depicts a story about a dysfunctional family. The storyline revolves around the Oscar-nominated actress Andrea Riseborough in its titular role. The story is all set to release on March 12th year along with the ABC network. 

Along with a bunch of other latest releases like Outer Banks Season 3, Manifest part 4 and Shadow and Bone season 3 on Netflix, To Leslie is expected to clash with a series of other contrasting genres. The star cast of the movie is what makes it more interesting. However, it isn’t enjoyable if you are waiting for the film to be released on Netflix Original. 

‘To Leslie’ depicts the story of a struggling mother while she looks forward to giving a good life to her only son. Her hopes are based on a lottery that she wins, apparently. However, after a few years, all of the money is gone, and she is back on her own self. That is the rock bottom that she hits, and rest assured, viewers aren’t going to be pleased with the consequences she faces for her actions. 

Apart from Andrea Riseborough, the star Cast List of the movie includes: 

  1. Stephen Root
  2. Allison Janney
  3. Matt Lauria
  4. Owen Teague
  5. James Landry Hebert

Amid everyone eagerly waiting for this great release, it isn’t very pleased that this masterpiece won’t be available on Netflix. Users can, however, buy or rent it on Apple TV, YouTube or Prime Video for that purpose. With the Oscar ceremony on the line, it is expected that the production houses to bring it on the platform sometime soon after March 9. 

Image Credit – Momentum Pictures

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