New Razer’s Anzu Smart Glasses
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Razer has officially launched the Anzu smart glasses in the competition to the Bose, One Plus, and other companies. Moreover, the company differentiates the products from the other companies by introducing the audio feature in the glasses temples only. The glasses will be available in both the shapes rectangular and round as well and then each of the frames will be coming in both the sizes small and large. The price is expected to be around $199.99. The buyers can buy the glasses from today. The article is about the New Razer’s Anzu Smart Glasses

The glasses will be coming in 2 sets in the retail package that includes a regular and the glasses also offers 35 percent of blocking against the blue light and with that the glasses also offer 99 percent of UV rays with the protection.

Moreover with all this, the company also differs from the competitors as the company has differentiated the glasses by launching the completely wireless buds on the ends inbuilt with the glasses. Razer also says that the glasses will be providing complete comfort and with that, the frames allow for more give and flexibility.

And now on the charging basis, the user has to charge the glasses and the buds separately. The logo contains the pogo pins on both the edges and moreover the glasses could encounter the occasional true wireless frustrations like the audio dropouts on one side.

Moreover, the user has also the option of buying prescription lenses. As the company has partnered with Lensabl for a 15 percent discount that is available to the users who are Anzu buyers.

Each side of the glass is with a 16mm driver and moreover, there are also tap gestures on both sides that will let the users change the tracks, answer the calls, or activate the voice assistant. The water-resistant for the glasses is up to IPX4 so the users have to avoid then from the heavy rain but a few splashes the user can do. Moreover, the company also claims that the Bluetooth latency is down to 60ms.

The glasses automatically shutdown when the glasses are bought down and can provide 2 weeks of standby time to the users. Moreover, the glasses will get connected to the last device connected automatically. The battery backup is up to 5 hrs. But it is less than the Bose glasses that provide 5.5 hrs of battery back up.

The glasses are available in the offline and online market both and that’s all was about the Razer’s Anzu Smart Glasses.

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