Samsung Double Foldable Phone
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According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, the information is claimed that Samsung might skip the release of the galaxy note 21 this year, and in return, the company is offering an all-new edition of the foldable phone in the market. And moreover, with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 this year according to the rumours one more foldable edition might join the family of the same under the name of the Samsung Double Foldable Phone.

Moreover, both the mobile phones the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip have only hinged on one side and according to the rumours, it is suggested that the new phone will be offered with the 2 hinges. The ratio of the apps will be around 16:9 and 18:9 for the video games and the other content watching.

And now in comparison to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it provides around 25:9 aspect ratio and the same is not good for the use of the apps like Instagram and Snapchat. And along with this, the Galaxy Z Flip supports the ratio around in narrow aspect of 21.9:9 and according to the sources, the aspect ratio that will be standard will make the use of phone more app-friendly for the users.

According to the reports, the news about the double foldable phone in the market is out through the Nikkei Asia, and if the thing is true then the users can expect the launch date of the device in the next unpacked event of Samsung that is going to be held in this year in the month of September in which the two confirmed mobile phones will be launched that will be Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 with this 3rd rumoured mobile phone in the market.

And moreover, it’s not the first time that the audience will hear about the new foldable phone of the Samsung in the market as earlier at the unpacked event of Samsung the lines by the speakers at the event suggested that Samsung might be launching new gen of the foldable phone this year only.

And moreover, Samsung now has pressure to release a foldable phone because these are the only phones that are of high cost in the list of Samsung and compared to them the other two phones that are the S series is in norm and are priced at normal range only. And in accordance with this due to the manufacturing of the new foldable phones in the market, the company has also stopped the production of note 21 due to the shortage of resources.

However, in the end, the new is a very thin line of the confirmation that Samsung will be launching a Samsung Double Foldable Phone and on the other hand, we all know that Samsung releases the leaks of the new phone earlier only so the user will be updated with all the updated here only.

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