One of the most awaited Pixar’s space epic Lightyear is coming out this year. The movie is all set to break records.

It is excellent to say that Lightyear is only coming to theaters, and seeing the film in IMAX will be a real treat.
To visualize the sound design of this space epic with all the rocket-fueled action shaking the theater is sure to make any Pixar fan feel giddy inside. Lightyear will blast off into theaters on 17 June 2022, and Pixar also dropped a new TV spot during The Oscars to get fans even more excited.

One minute -thirty-second TV spot mainly contains old footage showing the various stages of Buzz’s new intergalactic mission. But, the most exciting thing about this trailer is the confirmation that this film is only coming to theaters and IMAX. This will offer each fan of the studio and Pixar themselves a massive sigh of relief. This is the first release in the theater after Soul in 2020. Due to COVID, all the films went straight to streaming on Disney+.

Lightyear is a legacy character for the company, and it is going to be exciting to see what this new take on the character will be like. Chris Evans seems like a great fit to take on this iconic spaceman from this new spot and the various other trailers.

Everything, from the humor to the massive scale to the fun new characters, makes this feel like this film is the most ambitious thing Pixar has ever done.

This film says a lot. Lightyear appears to be going to infinity and beyond what has been done in the animated film genre up to this point. Also, adorable characters like Socks, Buzz’s robot cat, look like they will steal the show.

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