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As the trailer depicts, Windfall tells the story of a tech billionaire and his wife who come to their sprayed holiday mansion only to find out that it’s living being stolen by a lone burglar.

The story gets more complicated when they understand that the thief is after money and has a subjective opinion against the billionaire.

The robber can hear saying: “You owe a debt to the hell of a lot more people than just me,” in one moment, and another: “You have everything, and I have nothing.” Consider us intrigued!

The movie has a tremendous cast with Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins leading the way as the married couple who take a trip to their beautiful vacation home. The husband role played by Jesse is a tech billionaire, but not great is known about Lily’s character.

Lily is already known and loved to a Netflix audience thanks to her part in Emily in Paris. Jesse Plemons showed in the streaming platform’s film, The Power of the Dog, which has swept the 2022 award season.

Emily conveyed her enthusiasm about the upcoming movie on her Instagram after wrapping. She Shared a few images from on set, and her caption reads: “I’ve never been part of something so intimate, collaborative, and accessible.

This brilliant script by Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker gave me the chance to take privilege over an entirely new character than any she ever played before.

Windfall was understood, created, and completed during quarantine. She couldn’t be prouder of their tremendous crew for all the countless hours of hard work, safety, and determination to make this labor of love a reality.

Of her being cast, Emily told Director Charlie McDowell
made her feel sweat for a little while, said the ‘Emily in Paris’ star.
She didn’t know she was going to be involved, and honestly, was not written for her, it was a part that they conceptualized then treated as such in terms of her being an actress for the role.

The premise of “Windfall” and the fact that it was shot during the pandemic, with all the limitations that affect it, would be surprising if those four actors came out to make up the totality of the cast. We don’t know for sure until Netflix discloses more about the film.

The movie Windfall will be released on March 18, 2022.

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