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Season 3 of Locke and Key will be the series’ final season, and it’s almost here. However, it will not be available this month.

We had mixed feelings when Deadline reported that Locke & Key Season 3 would be the final. On the one hand, knowing that a season would be the last is comforting, and it appears that the choice was made for the series to create a genuine last season. On the other side, that means we’re going in knowing we won’t see the characters again.

A final season might also signify saying goodbye to a few characters. The last season inevitably brings death, often to some of our favorite characters.

Locke and Key season 3 release date

The finale season of Netflix has been announced. According to a teaser video released earlier this month, Locke and Key season 3 will premiere on Wednesday, August 10. All episodes will be released at the same time.

The season resumes with stories introduced in the second season. We’re back in colonial days when demons first appeared, and it appears that someone knows there’s a demon trapped in the well.

The Lockes, on the other hand, are not going down without a fight. Now that everyone understands magic, it’s time to work together to keep the keys safe. The Lockes own this house and will retain the keys in their possession. But what does Dodge think about it? Dodge has returned, but how? That’s something we’ll have to wait and see when the program returns.

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