The gripping plot of the Ozark season 4 focuses on Marty and Wendy Byrde; they have become our favorite Missouri power couple takes on even more crazy goals in ‘Ozark’ season 4. The Mexican gang chief has put his faith in them after witnessing their tenacity in navigating ongoing FBI investigations and murky local politics. With more responsibility comes an uneasy proximity to cartel violence, and the Byrdes have never been more helpless than they are today. 

What happens to Marty and Wendy Byrde?

As season 4 opens with Marty and Wendy cleaning up after being splattered with blood following the sudden shooting of Helen Pierce by the cartel and their leader, Omar Navarro. The Byrdes can hear him delivering a message. They are now truly playing with fire because the cartel chief has given them the responsibility of negotiating an immunity agreement with the FBI on his behalf. Many bad things about the Byrde family are hinted at the beginning of Season 4. Their car is involved in a devastating collision with all four of them inside in the first episode of the season.  

What’s the significance of the final scene?

Mel is holding Ben’s ashes in the infamous cookie jar when the Byrdes return home to find them. He has realized that the Byrdes were involved in Ben’s death rather than his disappearance. The Byrdes will finally be held accountable for the suffering, destruction, and death they caused. The most pressing question we’ve had for the past four seasons is answered in the final Ozark episode: Yes, the criminals can escape, but at what cost? A shadow of a subdued but triumphant smile appears on Marty and Wendy’s faces as Jonah fires the shotgun at Mel. They long for power and may never be content with a “normal” life. The true villains are Marty and Wendy, who have effectively destined their children to follow in their corrupt footsteps.

Watch the series today for an actual glimpse of what and how it turned out!

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