The new thriller Noise, released on Netflix recently, is the talk of the town. As of the 21st of March, it is ranked No. 3 spot on Netflix’s main ten film rundown, and it doesn’t seem as though it’ll be dropping from the rundown at any point shortly. Therefore, we strongly urge you to investigate it for yourself. 

Steffen Geypens is in charge of the Belgian Netflix original film Noise, which he co-wrote with Robin Kerremans and Hasse Steenssens. It follows virtual entertainment powerhouse and father Matthias as he moves his family from the bustling city to his life as a youngster at home in rustic Belgium. But once they get to the small village, Matthias learns a terrible secret about a tragedy his mentally ill father was involved in many years ago.

Matthias conducts his in-depth investigation into the local tragedy that shook the small town, determined to discover the truth and clear his father’s name. However, as he continues searching for more information, he gradually becomes irrational, leading to marriage problems.

The Cast

  • Ward Kerremans as Matthias
  • Sallie Harmsen as Liv
  • Johan Leysen as Pol
  • Jesse Mensah as Timme
  • Mieke De Groote as Brenda
  • Katelijne Damen as Yvette
  • Lize Feryn as Michelle
  • Simon D’Huyvetter as young Pol
  • Daphne Wellens as Laura
  • Jennifer Heylen as Umulisa

The Two Main Characters

The story revolves around these two characters 

Ward Kerremans as Matthias

A social media influencer. He returns to a small rural place with his love to grow their son. he believes his father was blackmailed decades prior.

Sallie Harmsen as Liv

She is Matthias’ girlfriend, runs a catering business, and is looking for a meat supplier. Liv knows about Matthias’ father by speaking to locals.

Image Credit – Netflix

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