Comic book creator Sean Gordon Murphy, well-known for his work on Batman: White Knight, Tokyo Ghost, and Punk Rock Jesus, is about to release a brand-new, independently published series based on the legendary masked swashbuckler Zorro. Murphy’s sketchbook for the novel tentatively titled Zorro: Man of the Dead reveals that it will tie into Dia De Los Muertos and be set in the present. Murphy made the project official by announcing that he had personally licensed the rights and would release the book under a recently established publishing imprint. 

The latter implies that some of Murphy’s concept Art features a modified El Camino, which is unusual in traditional Zorro tales, which take place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This gives Murphy some novel elements to incorporate into Zorro and makes it simpler for him to retain the rights to those elements should someone later decide to use them. The ownership of Zorro’s rights has, in fact, long been a controversial topic.

The character, first introduced in 1919, should now be in the public domain. After Johnston McCulley gave Mitchell Gertz the exclusive rights to use the name “Zorro” in 1949, a company called Zorro Productions Inc. asserts that it now owns the global copyright and trademark to the character. After Gertz died in 1961, his children, who founded Zorro Productions and are now the primary source for the character’s licensing, received his estate.

Right now, there are two Zorro TV adaptations in the works. It was initially intended for the CW network to air the first, a legacy sequel with a young female lead. In the second, Wilmer Valderrama, well-known for his parts in That ’70s Show and Minority Report, plays the character more conventionally. On the streaming service Disney+, this new show will make its debut. The fresh Zorro interpretations show how popular and relevant the character is in contemporary media. With new and exciting iterations of the legendary character, fans of the swashbuckling hero can be anticipated.

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