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Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Japan,’ hosted by Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya, is a reality dating series in which hopeful individuals strive to find a match and fall in love sight unseen. It mostly adheres to the virtually faultless framework of the original edition, focusing on the real-world obstacles that each couple must face to have a successful relationship, making it as universal as possible. So, now that the first season of this enthralling Japanese production has aired (and garnered positive reviews), let’s learn everything we can about a forthcoming season 2, shall we?

Date of Release for Love Is Blind: Japan Season 2

Season 1 of ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ debuted on Netflix on February 8, 2022, only three days before the second part of the US series debuted. We highlight the later version because the first season followed its predecessor’s lead by showing 11 episodes lasting 46-70 minutes across three weeks. The first five episodes were released on the date mentioned earlier, with the remaining four airing on February 15. On February 22, Episodes 10 and 11 finished the love-filled fiesta all at once.

In terms of season 2, while no official announcement has been made, we expect Netflix will likely continue the series. After all, not only does this entire series, including the Brazilian version, have a committed fan base, but it also has general financial success and potential for expansion. As a result, customers may be tempted to acquire another instalment to avoid missing out on any of these intriguing qualities.

In other words, assuming all goes well, the second season of ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ will be released in the first half of 2023. This estimate is for a year since the many intricate procedures of planning, casting, filming, and post-production must be carefully considered.

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