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If you are a reality TV fan, then you must have heard of “Love Is Blind,” a match-making show where singles try to find a person they connect with and want to build a romantic relationship with each other. Without seeing each other face to face, focusing on building emotional connections rather than physical attraction.

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s your cue to sayonara because SPOILERS AHEAD!
In the latest episode, the engaged couples had an opportunity to meet each other’s families. The pairs moved in together to experience what it was like to live together and got to know different habits of each other. Co-habitating came off easy but meeting the families was a bit nerve-wracking.

Unfortunately, for a couple, meeting families came as a realization of making a mistake being together. The couples who are no more together are Kyle and Shaina.

So why did Shaina call off her engagement with Kyle? It was no shock to the audience since Kyle mentioned he was an atheist, Shaina’s interest thoroughly diluted that you can see yours from her face. She was turned off, and she has firm religious beliefs and was unsure if her relationship with Kyle would work out.

Despite the difference, the couple ended up getting engaged, but things were still rocky between the two; Shaina left the couple’s resort early because she had a strong feeling for Shayne, but she blamed it all on the differences she and Kyle had to break up with him. But viewers believe that she did it because she wanted to be Shayne.

After Kyle met Shaina’s family, she made her decision to put an end to her relationship with him, telling him that she needs a husband that shares the same faith and beliefs as hers. All this made Kyle a little confused because he thought they had moved on past that problem working through it, and he realized she never wanted him in the first place and had been leading him the whole time.

Shaina’s move came off; she was using Kyle, and her infatuation for Shayne is one-sided as he is happy with Natalie, and she might have to find someone else.

The audience feels terrible for Kyle that he has wasted his time on the wrong person when he could’ve been more focused on other women as well. For the sizzling and juicy updates, stay tuned with us.

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