Maisie Williams has said she “resented” her character in the globe-trotting series “Game Of Thrones” as she reached puberty.

Maisie is now 24 years old, and she reached adulthood while filming the long-running fantasy epic.

The actress was cast as Arya Stark in the beginning, a few months after her 12th birthday in 2009, and is said to have spent the next decade of her life working on the show streaming on HBO.

As she recalled the day, she was handed over a bra while wearing a costume and said, “I think that when I started becoming a woman, I resented Arya because I couldn’t express whom I was becoming.”

The Thrones star continued that she then also ended up resenting her body as it did not align with the image of her that the world celebrated.

The actress is said to have not walked the red carpet for GOT until the launch of season 3 in Los Angeles in 2013. She mentioned that she is grateful that she was protected until that point, and it would have destroyed her mind had it been when she was just 12.

Williams revealed that she had been hesitant to accept her recent role as a punk Model Jordan in the “Sex Pistols” given the demanding script that expected her to strip off. She also mentioned that she wanted to be on the show because she was the best person to do it and not because she was the only girl “available” to take her top off.

After airing her concerns to show bosses, they sent her a clarification that eased her worries. She also said Jordan’s entire ethos was turning the male gaze in on itself, and it was overtly sexual in a way that made other people feel ashamed.”

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