Yesterday, Oklahoma police confirmed a shooting that killed three people in the city. The accused killed himself after killing his wife and her new boyfriend. The event took place near the Walmart store in Oklahoma. The local police confirmed that the incident was the result of a domestic dispute. Police found three bodies from that place, and also seized a semiautomatic handgun near the accuse’s body. The gun still has ammunition within it. 

Details of the Incident

The accuse’s wife and her boyfriend went to the Walmart store after parking their vehicle. After completing their work, once they approach the car, Wbillado R. Varela Jr. shoots multiple rounds of bullets to them, before killing himself. The security camera footage reveals that Wbillado R. Varela Jr. was waiting for them in his car placed just opposite to the victims’ car. 

The initial report suggests that both Wbillado R. Varela Jr. and his wife Rebecca N. Vescio Varela were from Duncan, while the boyfriend of that lady, Aubrey P. Perkins, belongs to a town called Minco, which is 60 miles away from the Duncan. 

Police reached the spot within one minute after getting a 911 call. The law enforcing agency found three dead bodies from the parking area. The bodies of Rebecca N. Vescio Varela and Aubrey P. Perkins were found in the front row of that car, while the body of Wbillado R. Varela Jr. was lying just behind the vehicle.

The lady was working in Walmart, but she was offduty during the time of shooting, police revealed. The accused killer, Wbillado R. Varela Jr., was working with several NGOs and charitable organizations. As the shots were extremely accurate, the law enforcing agencies are inquiring about any possible relationship of Wbillado R. Varela Jr.with military or any criminal organizations in the past. 

Walmart spokespersons denied any further comment as the case is under investigation.

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