The brand-new season of the Netflix thriller You introduces a brand-new wealthy socialite. Joe Goldberg will meet many new people in season four of You, where he lives the London high life. Yes, the long-awaited drama-filled season of You will catch Joe Goldberg starting a new life under a fake name, and many new characters will join the cast.

Phoebe, or Lady Phoebe, is a tabloid sensation described as extremely wealthy. She is London’s “it girl” because she is a socialite belonging to the aristocracy who is loved by many. But Phoebe’s genuine kindness sets her apart from most famous people and her snobby friends. Kate Galvin, played by Charlotte Ritchie, is her best friend, and Adam Pratt, played by Luke Gage, a wealthy American man who is also in her circle of friends, is her boyfriend. So, who is Tilly Keeper, the actress who plays Lady Phoebe in the fourth season of You? Read on to Discover everything you need to learn about the actor.

Tilly, whose full name is Matilda Elizabeth Keeper, was born in London, England, on August 16, 1997. Leo is her astrological sign, and she is 25 years old. Amanda is her mother, and Peter Keeper, one of the writers of the well-known puppet sketch show Spitting Image, is her father.

Her Instagram account handle is @tillykeeper. She has posted more than 50 times and has 266 thousand followers. Her most recent posts are about You from season 4. Tilly Keeper is most known for her role as Lousie Mitchell on EastEnders, the iconic daughter of Steve McFadden’s Phil Mitchell and Lucy Benjamin’s Lisa Fowler. She has, however, also appeared in Make Me Famous, Marooned Awakening, Children in Need, and R.I.P.D. 2: The Search for Mr The Rise of the Dead.

Lady Phoebe’s introduction read as: Since Phoebe was 15 years old, the tabloids have documented every bikini wax, documenting her kindness and wealth, fame, and chaos. Part 1 of You season 4 is now on Netflix; the second part will be on March 9, 2023.

Image Credit –  Netflix

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