Memory Trailer was released, and this movie will premiere on 9 April 2022 nationwide. Memory is an upcoming action thriller movie in which Liam Neeson is in the lead role. Neeson is a professional killer in the upcoming feature, instead of one of the good guys, and he is also suffering from a failing memory.

It starts with hitman Alex Lewis (Neeson) going after one of his targets. Alex is highly operative, and his victim only has a second before getting a bullet in the head. However, Alex is starting to face some troubles in the field. Due to his old age, he has sometimes suffered from fading memory. This is the main reason that FBI is finally getting a chance to get close to the assassin, as Alex forgets to clear the evidence and get some details about the marks mixed up. To make the situation worse.

Alex puts a target on his back for some powerful local criminal when he steps down to take down a child, something that goes against his code of conduct. It is a chiller thriller with Neeson wouldn’t be anything without a good revenge story. Trailers also reveal that Alex will still find some time to hunt down child traffickers while taking care of his mental health and fading memory amidst troubles with criminals and law enforcers. He is not a monster, and he might be a hitman. After knowing why people hired him to kill a child, the assassin decides to use his expertise to take down the criminals the police can’t keep behind bars.

Martin Campbell directs this movie from a script by Dario Scardapane. The cast includes Guy Pearce, Monica Bellucci, Taj Atwal, Ray Fearon, and Harold Torres. The film is produced by Cathay Schulman, Moshe Diamant, Rupert Maconick, Michael Heimler, and Arthur Sarkissian.

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