Meraxes Gigas is the recently discovered species of dinosaur with disproportionately short arms, just like T. rex known as the Meraxes gigas.

Tyrannosaurs are not just a group of gigantic carnivorous dinosaurs with small arms. Paleontologists have recently found a new species of dinosaur with disproportionately tiny arms, just like T. rex, called the Meraxes gigas. The discovery, published in the journal Current Biology, claimed that T. rex and M. gigas evolved to have small arms totally independently and identified various potential purposes for the short arms like mating or movement support.

“The fossil of M. gigas shows never seen before, complete regions of the skeleton, like the arms and legs that helped us to understand some evolutionary trends and the anatomy of Carcharodontosaurids – the group that M. gigas belongs to,” explains Juan Canale, the project head at Ernesto Bachmann Paleontological Museum in Neuquén, Argentina.

First, to set the record straight, the authors say that “T. rex did not get their short arms from M. gigas or vice versa. Not only did M. gigas become extinct almost 20 million years before T. rex became a species, but on the evolutionary tree, they are also very far apart. There is no direct relationship between both,” announces Canale. Rather, Canale believes that having tiny arms somehow provided the two dinosaurs some kind of survival advantage.

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